Welcome!  My name is Erika Helwig, founder of Girlboss:  Women Entrepreneurs, and co-owner of The Bakehouse.  I first started Girlboss in September 2016.  My motivation for creating the group stemmed from the lack of support groups for women entrepreneurs in the Metro Detroit area.  I also didn’t want to belong to a slew of networking groups that saw me as another person they could get something out of…a referral machine.  I wanted collaboration and a community of like-minded women who understand the strength it takes to start something, but also what it takes to continue with it & make it grow.

Our small group has become a group of strong, motivated women seeking the same thing I sought.  Our most active members attend meetings, collaborate outside of the meetings, & invite other women into the pack.  We’re fierce, loyal, & a lot of fun.  We’re also very realistic.  Action is a must.  My constant message to my Girlbosses is to step out of their comfort zones & GREAT things will happen.

My vision for Girlboss is simple…we share, give, & graciously take.  We give support & feedback.  We listen.  Our meetings have a specific focus yet at times we stray from the specifics & zone in on what is needed for someone at that moment.  Flexibility is just as important as direct focus.  As we think about what we want to get out of the group & its meetings, we must also think about what we can contribute.  We are not here to sell to one another.  We are here to grow together.  Building relationships is a must.

I love what Girlboss has become & the women it has brought in.  We decide our future.  We do not have the, “what is in it for me?” attitude.  We put time & effort into people who can help each other out for the long term.

If you are interested in joining our amazing group, feel free to contact me or check out our Membership page for details.

*Sorry, guys!  This is a women only group.  You understand…*