Meet Jean Jenkins!

Jean Jenkins owns & runs Jean’s Virtual Administrative & Consulting Services, LLC.  She has been in business now for 1.5 years.  She offers the following services to small and medium businesses:  Collections, personal & business errands, travel arrangements, office administration, client calls & follow ups, email follow ups, review of policies & procedures, customer service, gift buying, preparation of receipts & other information for tax returns, & legal administration.

Before starting her own business, Jean has spent more than thirty years in the financial arena, including commercial leasing, legal, credit and collections, forecasting, budgeting customer service, working with local cement and bricklayers unions, professional service corporations along with providing administrative services and consulting.

Jean has also had the pleasure of serving in many different leadership roles which included Senior Vice President, Operations Manager and Direct Marketing Manager for various commercial leasing firms along with performing duties of hiring and training various sales and operations staff for several firms. Jean has also authored numerous policy and procedure manuals.

Jean finds that with her new business what she enjoys the most is working as “your right arm” and making the everyday small stuff go away.  You will find that working with Jean that you never will have to worry if an issue or task has been taken care of because you will always know that you can count on Jean to keep your everyday business running smoothly.

Jean can be reached at

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