Meet Lisa Swiftney!

Lisa Swiftney is a single mother of two awesome adult children and 3 wonderful grandkids.  She lives in Addison Twp in an old Farm House full of character.  Lisa started her Tupperware career in 1994, while working full time in finance and marketing.  She was a busy career-oriented woman who wanted the best for her family.  “We’ve all been there, right? Striving for work/life balance, and sometimes letting it drive us crazy!”  Lisa says.

Looking for a way to be home with her children and still make money, her good friend Connie offered her the opportunity to become a Tupperware consultant.  She said, “NO WAY!” at first, but the universe had other plans.  24 years later, Lisa has helped people organize their kitchens, follow their dreams, and achieve financial success through the Tupperware Opportunity.

“Tupperware is more than bowls and containers, it’s an answer to a busy woman’s dilemma,” she says.  “When their kitchen tools and storage areas are well organized and easily accessed, life is much better!”

Lisa has earned trips, traveling to places she never thought she would see, and had the luxury of a company car with no loan or insurance payments.  Her Tupperware business allowed her to fulfill her dream of staying home with her children, and now, these years later, to be available to her grandchildren and live a life of her own choosing, not one thrust upon her.

“Any woman looking for a way to increase her income and have access to the best kitchen tools and ideas in America will find Tupperware a great opportunity,” Lisa says. And because she has gained so much knowledge in becoming a successful Tupperware consultant, she also freelances as a Marketing and Social Media Consultant for small and startup businesses.

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