Meet Canetha Amour-Porter!

Canetha Amour-Porter is the Owner/Developer of Amour Your Body, LLC, which is making a big splash in skin care and is helping local companies service an unserved community.

Clinton Twp., MI: Newly launched company, Amour Your Body, LLC has found a way to help others with skin disorders and sensitives.  “Amour Your Body was started less than six months ago and is already making a big splash in the industry of skin care.”  Canetha explains.  Their special formula, made of all natural hypoallergenic goodness, soothes Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis while making the skin, “Just Feel Good”.  Amour Your Body has partnered with local businesses (Body Max Massage and Bodhi Seed Yoga and Spa) to reach a larger community, helping consumers take advantage of services they may generally shy away from because of skin issues.

About The Company: Amour Your Body’s, body cream, was created out of love, in Canetha’s own kitchen to help her family’s skin disorders and sensitivities.  Now she is sharing her creation of love with you and your family.  Amour Your Body’s body cream is made with all natural oils.  “This is why we say, ‘Amour Your Body with a gift of nature.’ You’re going to love Amour Your Body’s Body Cream!”  Canetha tells us.

Canetha Amour-Porter is also the founder of Diaries of an Entrepremommy.  Diaries of an Entrepremommy showcases local business women who share their business highs and lows to help other women.  “Their stories let us know that we’re not alone. These stories have encouraged women to excel in their own businesses and have a happy home/work-life balance.  Take time to watch “Diaries of an Entrepremommy” interviews and it will inspire you too!” Canetha exclaims.

”Love, Love, Love this amazing product!!  I am a licensed massage therapist and I use these products on many of my clients with sensitive skin.  They are amazed at how smooth it feels, and also how it nourishes skin issues they may have when they come in for their massage!!  There are so many amazing fragrances to choose from as well; it’s a beautiful product!!” ~Michelle Koester, BodyMax Massage

“This body butter is absolutely amazing! I have acne on my back and have suffered through scratching fits for years. I didn’t know that it was possible for me to have total relief until now! I am completely hooked. Let me encourage you, TRY IT! You will NOT regret it!”       ~Ian

“I absolutely love the silky smoothness of Amour body butter! It helps my psoriasis from itching and flaking and leaves my skin well moisturized! Thank you, Amour Your Body!” ~Sarah

Amour Your Body products are sold at the two locations listed above, as well as online. They are currently in talks with other Spas to help them create a competitive advantage while servicing an underserviced community. Their goal is to partner with 40 spas this year in order to service potential customers, who otherwise would not go to a Spa.

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