Girlboss: Chapter 2!

That’s right…Girlboss is expanding and adding another Chapter!  As our group grows, so does the need for added leadership and flexible meeting locations and times.  I am very excited to announce that our very own Lynne Fiscelli will be heading our newest chapter near Sterling Heights!  She has extensive experience running meetings, as she has served on the Board Of Directors with the International Window Cleaning Association, has been the Chair of a Sterling Heights Regional Chamber Of Commerce BRAG group, and she currently is Chair of a chamber sponsored Women Business Owners Group.  Needless to say, Lynne is not only a busy woman but up to the job.

So how is it all going to work?  Both meetings will have the same structure and topics.  When we have guest speakers, we will combine.  For our awesome quarterly parties, we will combine…the more the merrier, right?  For Paying Members, this means we are able to  accept more women in the same field.  You will either be in Girlboss or Girlboss:  Chapter 2.   The choice is yours unless your field is closed.  Our paying members will need to pick a “home” chapter but may visit the other chapter twice a year if you miss a meeting.  This is so we do not end up with too many paying members in one field in one particular chapter.  We are only allowing 2-3 Paying Members of the same field (depending on the similarity) in each Chapter.

Non-paying members will be able to “test the waters” and decide which chapter they fit best into.  It’s all about where you will thrive in the group.  I will continue to close fields if they get too saturated, but as our other Chapter is setting up shop I am opening up all fields.

All in all, the group dynamic is staying the same…we are just expanding!

Some new additions for our Paying Members:  You will get a super fun Girlboss lanyard with a badge for you to show off around town.  You may request to have extra time set aside for you at a monthly meeting to showcase your business a little more.  All you have to do is send me a message.

I will also slowly be adding Girlboss social activities to the calendar on top of our monthly meetings.  It’s not only important to talk shop with one another to help our business growth, but to also have some social time together to strengthen relationships and just let loose.  This will also give us the chance to meet members from the other chapter.

I’m really excited about the expansion of our amazing group and know that it will just keep getting better with more Girlbosses joining our tribe.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me any time,

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