Welcome!  My name is Erika Helwig, founder of Girlboss:  Women Entrepreneurs, and co-owner of The Bakehouse.

Girlboss: Women Entrepreneurs was founded in September 2016, when I was a few years into my entrepreneurial journey. My motivation for creating the group stemmed from the lack of support groups for women entrepreneurs in the Metro Detroit area. There are endless networking groups for business owners, but what I wanted, and later found many other women also wanted, was a group of women business owners that could lean on one another, seek guidance from one another, and truly empathize with the many hats we adorn daily.

My vision for Girlboss is simple: We share, give, graciously take, and motivate. We listen. We give support and feedback, and we force each other out of our comfort zones. This is where great things happen. Our meetings have specific topics, yet many times we stray from focus and dial in to what is needed for someone at that moment. Flexibility is just as important, and, as women, we are no strangers to it. We not only think about what we want to get out of the group and its meetings, we also think about what we can contribute…how can we help other members? The amount of understanding and love in our group is palpable. There is so much trust because we relate with one another in all matters of life, not only business.

Building supportive relationships is the foundation of this group, and we are determined to grow together as a community, not as competition. It comes naturally when you are surrounded by open, caring women. There is no judgement, no competition…just comradery. We are in a new era for women. We are no longer letting society pit us against each other. We are in this together, and we are stronger together. WE decide our future.

*Sorry, guys!  This is a women only group.  You understand…*