Girlboss: Chapter 2!

That’s right…Girlboss is expanding and adding another Chapter!  As our group grows, so does the need for added leadership and flexible meeting locations and times.  I am very excited to announce that our very own Lynne Fiscelli will be heading our newest chapter in Utica!  She has extensive experience running meetings, as she has served on the Board Of Directors with the International Window Cleaning Association, has been the Chair of a Sterling Heights Regional Chamber Of Commerce BRAG group, and she currently is Chair of a chamber sponsored Women Business Owners Group.  Needless to say, Lynne is not only a busy woman but up to the job.

So how is it all going to work?  Both meetings will have the same structure and topics.  When we have guest speakers, we will combine.  This means we are able to  accept more women in the same field.  You will either be in Girlboss or Girlboss:  Chapter 2.   The choice is yours unless your field is closed.  Our members will need to pick a “home” chapter but may visit the other chapter twice a year if you miss a meeting.  This is so we do not end up with too many members in one field in one particular chapter.  We are only allowing 2-3 Members of the same field (depending on the similarity) in each Chapter.

All in all, the group dynamic is staying the same…we are just expanding!

I will also slowly be adding Girlboss social activities to the calendar on top of our monthly meetings.  It’s not only important to talk shop with one another to help our business growth, but to also have some social time together to strengthen relationships and just let loose.  This will also give us the chance to meet members from the other chapter.

I’m really excited about the expansion of our amazing group and know that it will just keep getting better with more Girlbosses joining our tribe.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time!


Meet Lynne Fiscelli!

Call me “driven”. When there is a challenge to be accomplished, I’m your woman. And when that challenge is finding the perfect home for you—not just something that will do, but your dream home, the one where you picture your life, your children, your oasis of peace and relaxation, or that spot for your most efficient home office—well, I’m not just your right hand woman, I’m the agent who won’t rest until I find it.

And if you’re selling? I am up to the challenge! I am passionate about serving my clients to the highest degree, and my 24 years of sales and marketing experience has equipped me to be get the job done. I can find, display, and accentuate all the things about your home that give it the added appeal, and value you want to show your ideal buyer! Then I will market it in all the right places, to all the right people, so we can sell it quickly and for top dollar. And my 100% Closing Rate, is proof what I stated is true.

I have a lifetime of experience in sales and customer service, always giving my customers and clients my services in full honesty and integrity. I don’t believe there is any other way to build a business. I treat my customers like family, and always give them my very best.

I chose to work with ReMax Suburban, for exactly that reason. Their reputation of integrity, and as a top selling agency in Metro Detroit means that their values, goals and reputation are a perfect match to mine.

Prior to becoming an full time Real Estate agent, my husband and I started a local window cleaning company back in 1994, Pane View Window Cleaning. Today we have over 3000 customers, and have developed management so that it can be run without me.

I have served on the Board Of Directors with the International Window Cleaning Association, and I have been the Chair of a Sterling Heights Regional Chamber Of Commerce BRAG group. I currently Chair a chamber sponsored Women Business Owners Group.

As you can see, the communities in which we live, are very important to me.

As I believe passionately in empowering others, In 2001, I started a business with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I quickly climbed the ladder of success, earning my first car of four, in just 11 months, and becoming a leader in the company 2 short months later. I held the status of top 2% in the company for 10 years. I enjoyed working for myself, and uplifting my team into their own success.

Currently, I volunteer to educate others about domestic violence, by sharing my personal story of abuse and recovery on the Survivor Speaker Bureau with Turning Point, Macomb, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

I bring this same passion to uplift my community in my position as an agent in real estate. I am committed to further serving my community by partnering with my clients in the utmost dedication, caring, respect, honesty, and integrity.

I look forward to helping you find the perfect house, where you can build your life, your passion, and most importantly, your warm and welcoming home.

I’ve been from pain to Pane View, from loss to leadership, and now from makeup to mansions, and I have the experience you need to find your perfect fit, your perfect home or your perfect buyer!

I’m Lynne Fiscelli, your Real Estate Agent. I never quit, and I am here to help!

You can contact Lynne at

Write credit:  Cheri Caddick

Summer Events



There are oh so many places to find our members this summer, and we want to make sure everyone knows about the wonderful events the warm weather blows in to town.  Click on the links for complete details.  So without further adieu…

Amour Your Body can be found every Friday & Sunday at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market.  The wonderful Canetha Amour-Porter will have a table full of her amazing Body Butter that helps soothe Eczema, Psoriasis, & Dermatitis.  We’re tellin’ ya folks, this stuff is addicting whether you have a skin condition or not!  It’s all-natural and her many different scents will make you swoon.

Royal Oak Farmer’s Market: Fridays 7am-1pm & Sundays 8am-3pm.
316 East 11 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48067

Next up is Crafty Life in Style!  Rita & her husband have quite the lineup this summer & you don’t want to miss out on their creative home decor creations.  They have upcycled, vintage, hand painted furniture, handcrafted home decor, and Michigan themed gifts!

Mercantile Fairs: June 10th & August 12th. 10am -4pm. FREE.
Detroit Eastern Market, 2934 Russell St., Detroit.

Royal Oak Vintage Artisan Market: June 16th 9am-4pm. FREE.
Salvation Army Church, 3015 N Main St., Royal Oak.

Michigan Lavender Festival: July 13-15. 10am-5pm. $7 Adults, Kids FREE.
17985 Armada Ctr Rd., Armada.

Rosie the Riveter Arts & Crafts Show: July 28th 9am-5pm. $3/car.
1001 Huron St., Ypsilanti, North Bay Park.

Finders Keepers Vintage Market: August 26th 10am-5pm. $5, 12 & under FREE.
Wayne County Fairgrounds, 10871 Quirk Rd., Belleville.

Lisa Swiftney with Tupperware has a night of fun planned for all you Tupperware fans.  Who doesn’t use Tupperware?!  She’ll be introducing new products, giving out prizes, & you’ll have opportunity to check out some awesome demos.  There are a ton of chances to win FREE gadgets.

Tupper-Fun Night!: June 26th 6:59pm. RSVP required.
Carpathia Club, 38000 Utica Rd., Sterling Hts.

One of our amazing non-profits, Helping Hands Gifts, is hosting Painting with a Purpose this summer.  You can join them for a night out with painting fun while supporting a local charity.  Everyone loves a little Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a PurposeJuly 23rd 7pm-9pm. $40. RSVP required.
Painting with a Twist, 50336 Schoenherr Rd., Shelby Twp.

Ta-Ta for now.  We will update as needed.  Feel free to SHARE!

Meet Laurie Moro!

Laurie Moro is a Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer, who has been providing personal training services since 2001.  She owns Uplyft Fitness LLC based in Macomb, MI, which offers online personal training services.  “Consider me your fitness concierge!”  Laurie says.  Online coaching is the most effective and affordable way for Laurie to offer her services.  Laurie uses phone calls, video calls, and a personalized app for communication.

“The app includes workouts specifically designed for you, including instructional video and shorter demo videos.  As needed, I will send my clients a personal video to assure they have a clear understanding of what I am asking.  I use this app to help my clients form healthy habits by sending their check-ins and reminders.”  Laurie explains.

Working online means there are no restrictions on time, schedules don’t have to mesh, and clients are not “fighting” to get into popular time slots.  Laurie tells us, “I find that I actually have more frequent communication with online clients than I do with my in-person clients.  I can give you precisely what you need, when you need it.  I’m here for you when you need me, and you can trust that I have nothing but your health and fitness as my goals.  Isn’t that what you deserve?”

So what is the difference between a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Personal Trainer?  She is certified in both, and also holds a specialty certification as a senior fitness specialist.  Laurie has a BS in Sports Medicine, which means she knows a lot about injuries and rehab.  It means she has worked on the sidelines for various sports and specializes in providing rehab and corrective exercise for the athlete in all of us!   Licensed athletic trainers are required to complete 75 hours of continuing ed courses every 2 years.  This continuing education is key to keeping up to date on the latest evidence based research.

Laurie spent over two years providing outpatient physical therapy services and on the side lines of high school sports before making the jump to full time personal training.  She began her personal training career at LifeTime Fitness in Shelby TWP, MI.  Laurie’s experience as an endurance athlete helped to pave the way to the Regional Metabolic Specialist position.  As a metabolic specialist, she trained other personal trainers to run and interpret V02 and RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) testing.  She fostered and developed the Heart Rate Training culture at the Michigan LifeTime Fitness Clubs.

After 7 years working full time at LifeTime Fitness, Laurie returned to her roots in sports medicine, and she began offering physical therapy services at Total Health Systems.  As the fitness program director, Laurie was able to treat physical therapy patients, personal training clients, and also launched a group personal training program called FitRanX at three various locations.  While running the Fitness Program at Total Health Systems, Laurie continued to teach part-time at LifeTime Fitness as an aqua aerobics and cycle instructor for another 4 years.  While working at Total Health, she tipped her foot into the online personal training space.  Laurie found that both physical therapy and personal training clients really enjoyed using an app to guide them through their “homework.”

In May of 2017, Laurie stepped down as the Fitness Program Director at Total Health Systems to devout more time to building her online personal training business.  She now sees a very limited number of clients at home while working to grow her online personal training services.  Laurie doesn’t jump into all the latest trends and fads in fitness without doing her own research, and going back to what we know to be true about our physiology.

“I cater to women over 40 who may not necessary want to workout at a gym, or women that are unsure how to work with their joints that have started to ache, or women who are recovering from and preparing for surgery.”  Laurie says.  “I know my craft.  I know exercise, I know customer service, and I know relationship building.”

Online personal training packages range from $100 – $200 per 4 weeks.

More info can be found at

A Night of Celebration!

Girlboss Member, Dr. Lisa Lupo of Flourish Family Chiropractic, celebrated her new business with an Open House last Thursday.  Supporters from all around the Metro Detroit area flocked to her lovely “Healing Space.”  We were all warmly greeted at the door with a fun Flourish bag, raffle tickets to win giveaways,  delicious food, & of course, vino!

Dr. Lisa flitted about the room hugging her many guests as the rest of us cruised the various vendors & made new connections.


Erin Bryge, Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts, showed off her new summery products, giving away a fun bag.  Jackie Barlow, Owner of CocoCanna Superfoods, offered delicious samples of her CBD edibles & gave away a CBD topical cream.  Carrie Schipper, Owner of Pure Beauty & Wellness Center, offered a fun giveaway along with Amanda Rumble, Owner of Trusting Loving Pet Care.  Many fellow Girlboss members came out for the celebration!

This is what Girlboss is all about…supporting small businesses.  We connect, we brainstorm, we grow together.  We are bringing more & more amazing women business owners into our pack every day.  Watch out, world!

Congratulations on a very successful Open House, Dr. Lisa!

Meet Canetha Amour-Porter!

Canetha Amour-Porter is the Owner/Developer of Amour Your Body, LLC, which is making a big splash in skin care and is helping local companies service an unserved community.

Clinton Twp., MI: Newly launched company, Amour Your Body, LLC has found a way to help others with skin disorders and sensitives.  “Amour Your Body was started less than six months ago and is already making a big splash in the industry of skin care.”  Canetha explains.  Their special formula, made of all natural hypoallergenic goodness, soothes Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis while making the skin, “Just Feel Good”.  Amour Your Body has partnered with local businesses (Body Max Massage and Bodhi Seed Yoga and Spa) to reach a larger community, helping consumers take advantage of services they may generally shy away from because of skin issues.

About The Company: Amour Your Body’s, body cream, was created out of love, in Canetha’s own kitchen to help her family’s skin disorders and sensitivities.  Now she is sharing her creation of love with you and your family.  Amour Your Body’s body cream is made with all natural oils.  “This is why we say, ‘Amour Your Body with a gift of nature.’ You’re going to love Amour Your Body’s Body Cream!”  Canetha tells us.

Canetha Amour-Porter is also the founder of Diaries of an Entrepremommy.  Diaries of an Entrepremommy showcases local business women who share their business highs and lows to help other women.  “Their stories let us know that we’re not alone. These stories have encouraged women to excel in their own businesses and have a happy home/work-life balance.  Take time to watch “Diaries of an Entrepremommy” interviews and it will inspire you too!” Canetha exclaims.

”Love, Love, Love this amazing product!!  I am a licensed massage therapist and I use these products on many of my clients with sensitive skin.  They are amazed at how smooth it feels, and also how it nourishes skin issues they may have when they come in for their massage!!  There are so many amazing fragrances to choose from as well; it’s a beautiful product!!” ~Michelle Koester, BodyMax Massage

“This body butter is absolutely amazing! I have acne on my back and have suffered through scratching fits for years. I didn’t know that it was possible for me to have total relief until now! I am completely hooked. Let me encourage you, TRY IT! You will NOT regret it!”       ~Ian

“I absolutely love the silky smoothness of Amour body butter! It helps my psoriasis from itching and flaking and leaves my skin well moisturized! Thank you, Amour Your Body!” ~Sarah

Amour Your Body products are sold at the two locations listed above, as well as online. They are currently in talks with other Spas to help them create a competitive advantage while servicing an underserviced community. Their goal is to partner with 40 spas this year in order to service potential customers, who otherwise would not go to a Spa.

Meet Lisa Swiftney!

Lisa Swiftney is a single mother of two awesome adult children and 3 wonderful grandkids.  She lives in Addison Twp in an old Farm House full of character.  Lisa started her Tupperware career in 1994, while working full time in finance and marketing.  She was a busy career-oriented woman who wanted the best for her family.  “We’ve all been there, right? Striving for work/life balance, and sometimes letting it drive us crazy!”  Lisa says.

Looking for a way to be home with her children and still make money, her good friend Connie offered her the opportunity to become a Tupperware consultant.  She said, “NO WAY!” at first, but the universe had other plans.  24 years later, Lisa has helped people organize their kitchens, follow their dreams, and achieve financial success through the Tupperware Opportunity.

“Tupperware is more than bowls and containers, it’s an answer to a busy woman’s dilemma,” she says.  “When their kitchen tools and storage areas are well organized and easily accessed, life is much better!”

Lisa has earned trips, traveling to places she never thought she would see, and had the luxury of a company car with no loan or insurance payments.  Her Tupperware business allowed her to fulfill her dream of staying home with her children, and now, these years later, to be available to her grandchildren and live a life of her own choosing, not one thrust upon her.

“Any woman looking for a way to increase her income and have access to the best kitchen tools and ideas in America will find Tupperware a great opportunity,” Lisa says. And because she has gained so much knowledge in becoming a successful Tupperware consultant, she also freelances as a Marketing and Social Media Consultant for small and startup businesses.

You can contact Lisa at

Meet Carrie Evatz!

Carrie Evatz owns Pure Beauty & Wellness Center located in Clinton Township, Michigan.  She is an Adult Nurse Practitioner and has been board certified through ANCC since 2013.  Carrie has earned both her bachelor’s and master’s of nursing degrees from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.  In 2015, Carrie completed both basic and advanced cosmetic injection training with Esthetic Skin Institute (ESI), located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Carrie specializes in cosmetic injections, including Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane.

Newer services at Pure Body & Wellness Center include: vitamin injections as well as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).  PRP is considered rejuvenation medicine, is 100%  natural, and treats many ailments and concerns including:  fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discoloration, arthritis, bursitis, soft tissue injuries, hair regeneration, and scars.

Carrie is an Advanced Aesthetic Injector.  She says, “Not only do I personally treat ALL of my patients, but I also inject myself (not an easy task to pull off). I provide a variety of non-surgical options to the community including, augmentations of the nose, chin, jaw, tear trough, cheeks and lips.  These treatments are performed in my office with minimal down time.  Even the hair restoration procedures are very little down time and are completed in about a 60 minute appointment.”

“I pride my services with one-on-one attention to each client and offer plenty of time during initial consults for answering of all questions and concerns that may arise.”

Carrie was born and raised in Southeast Michigan and resides locally in Macomb County with her husband and son.  In her free time, Carrie enjoys traveling, visiting museums and maintaining an active lifestyle.

You can find more information at

Meet Rita Van Scyoc!

Rita, is one half of the husband and wife, dynamic duo, that makes up Crafty Life In Style.  She is a creative business owner who does vintage markets and makers events all over Metro Detroit. Her business began with a friend and it just didn’t pan out. So, insert her husband, Bill, her best friend, and Crafty Life In Style was born. Rita is the creative stylist, with a Bachelors of Fine arts degree from Wayne State University and her husband Bill is the woodworker that does a lot of heavy lifting for the business. They are the Yin & Yang…the secret to success!

“Our goal is to provide a welcoming, affordable, shopping experience that leaves our customers saying, ‘How cool was that booth!'”  Crafty Life In Style creations are designed with wood, glass & upcycled/repurposed items.  They offer many regularly stocked items such as beer, wine, and whiskey themed accessories, Made In Michigan magnets, key chains, man cave accessories, outdoor garden décor for your home or to give as gifts.  Additionally, they always will have unique vintage, shabby chic refinished, repurposed furniture, home décor and seasonal decorative items at each Market event.

Rita says, “We are inspired by wood! New wood, aged wood, repurposed wood, we love it all! Our creations have unique finishes that provide warmth to any home. Our inspiration comes from current trends in home décor as well as textures and colors in nature. When we are junkin’, checking out thrift stores, looking for treasures alongside of the road, we bring the items to life with a new purpose. Some of our ideas we create prototypes and then see how well our customer base responds and then we go from there! Many of our followers like how we have great gift ideas that are not available in big chain stores. We offer the unique and unexpected handmade décor for your home or to give as gifts. Many of our items are one of a kind. We do custom orders and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and a variety of stains and finishes.”

“What we love best about what we do is seeing our customer’s reactions to our products! Or hearing how much a gift recipient loved their gift. We often hear how unique, affordable and how well made our products are.  This bring the most joy to our hearts! We also love to give back to the community. There is a constant stream of donation requests for school auctions, fundraisers and we are always glad to give to those in need. We have recently partnered with Enchanted Makeovers, a Michigan based, National non-profit that specializes in creating handmade, healing spaces, creative programs that unite people, with a focus on women and children in shelters, and hope to continue our support in 2018 and beyond.”

Rita continues to tell us, “We’ve developed friendships and relationships with other local makers, provided reciprocal encouragement, and networked with other small businesses that we have met through artisan Markets. We love the sense of community and support of small businesses these events have brought to the local area. Our motto is “shop local & support small business”. We love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Rita has Crafty Life In Style products at Metro Made Collective in Downtown West Dearborn, MI, Kitty Deluxe, St. Clair Shores, MI, Trailblazers, Marshall, MI and Made Up North in Roscommon, MI.  More products are coming soon to a gift shop or store near you.

Check out the latest Crafty Life In style creations or for a schedule of upcoming events on Facebook: or on Instagram at:  #craftylifeinstyle

Meet Linda Anger!

Linda Anger is the Founder and President of The Write Concept, Inc., a marketing communications company based in Rochester Hills, MI. Founded in 2000, The Write Concept works with international corporations and small-to-medium businesses, providing print and online content for websites, blogs, and marketing materials. Linda also works as a ghostwriter, editor, and page layout expert.

Linda is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist whose business and creative works have been featured in  publications such as Michigan PRIME, Black Engineer Magazine, Profiles in Diversity Journal, MultiCultural Law Journal, Mused-the Bella Online Literary Journal, Still Crazy Magazine, and the Almost Touching Anthology.

A Michigan native, Linda claims a French-Canadian heritage. Family lore says an ancestor on her mother’s side was among Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac’s party when he founded what became the City of Detroit. She grew up in Oakland County and attended Oakland Community College before transferring to Western Michigan University, where she studied Creative Writing and Philosophy.

Learn more about her creative work and publications at The Full Crumb Cafe.

Linda has been involved in the SE Michigan business community for several decades, holding, at various times, Board Seats at organizations such as The National Association of Women Business Owners, The National Association of Career Women, and Detroit Working Writers.

Linda has been an avid member of Toastmasters International since 2012, and earned the highly coveted “Distinguished Toastmaster” designation in 2017. She currently serves as the President of the Optimistic Orators Advanced Toastmasters Club.

Meet Lara Shovlin!

Lara Shovlin is the Founder & Executive Director of Helping Hands Gifts, a local 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in Shelby Township, MI.  Before founding her own nonprofit she worked for a nonprofit for 5 1/2 years and was in nonprofit sales for 1.5 years.

Helping Hands Gifts blesses children, families, and charities. Their mission is to use their gifts, tangible and intangible, to bless others in small and large ways. Their purpose is threefold:  They fill the gaps where no other charities are or can’t.  They focus on one main issue each year affecting Macomb County that needs additional help to solve, regardless of public, private, or non profit resources available.  They serve as a connector to and support other charities doing good work in the community. They promote and share events, volunteer opportunities, rally and request donation needs, as well as locate specific support or hard to find things such as building space or services. They also volunteer for other charities and support their events.

Starting Helping Hands came out of a conversation about a friend’s family member not giving her kids a Christmas due to a financial emergency.  Lara realized very few places can help people who need temporary help; a hand up and not a hand out.  When she started the charity her goal was to help as many as she could by accessing all the wonderful people and businesses in the community to help do this. When she started she hoped to help 100-300 and this year they helped 5000!

2017 brought unprecedented growth and support. With their donations (including the donations given to other charities) they helped over 5000 kids, as well as supported over 50 organizations.

Since 1/1/18 Helping Hands Gifts has collected over 700 coats and winter wear items for homeless. Helping Hands Gifts started out providing low cost shopping events to struggling families in need at Christmastime and will continue to do so. These events will provide gifts, stocking stuffers, wrapping, Winter Wear items, food and paper products.  It is a new addition in 2018. They have been asked to run the entire City of Sterling Heights Giving Program where hundreds of families will come to one specific event.

Lara’s past life includes being born and raised in Texas, post high school education, corporate ladder and the opportunity to travel all over the U.S.  She moved to Metro Detroit in 1998 and quickly fell in love with the people and even the winters.   Lara says, “I was always helping people and would get in trouble for speaking up even at a young age and fighting for the underdog.”

Lara is a divorced, single mom to 2 wonderful sons, Greg 15 and Grant 13. She loves spending time with friends, traveling in Michigan and beyond, volunteering and nice warm weather with cold drinks. Besides the work she does here, she is involved in her Parish and with other local groups. She is proud to serve the Kiwanis of Utica-Shelby Township club as a Board Member.

To learn more about Helping Hands Gifts, you can contact Lara at

Meet Jean Jenkins!

Jean Jenkins owns & runs Jean’s Virtual Administrative & Consulting Services, LLC.  She has been in business now for 1.5 years.  She offers the following services to small and medium businesses:  Collections, personal & business errands, travel arrangements, office administration, client calls & follow ups, email follow ups, review of policies & procedures, customer service, gift buying, preparation of receipts & other information for tax returns, & legal administration.

Before starting her own business, Jean has spent more than thirty years in the financial arena, including commercial leasing, legal, credit and collections, forecasting, budgeting customer service, working with local cement and bricklayers unions, professional service corporations along with providing administrative services and consulting.

Jean has also had the pleasure of serving in many different leadership roles which included Senior Vice President, Operations Manager and Direct Marketing Manager for various commercial leasing firms along with performing duties of hiring and training various sales and operations staff for several firms. Jean has also authored numerous policy and procedure manuals.

Jean finds that with her new business what she enjoys the most is working as “your right arm” and making the everyday small stuff go away.  You will find that working with Jean that you never will have to worry if an issue or task has been taken care of because you will always know that you can count on Jean to keep your everyday business running smoothly.

Jean can be reached at