We have two different types of Members, Paid & Non-Paying.  Members typically start off in our Facebook group, where the majority of our information can be found.

What does it mean to be a paid member?

Paid Girlboss members have their businesses listed on our “Businesses” directory for a low annual due. Dues cover:  Advertising both your business information, description, business specials, website, and social media links.  We also do a “Featured Member” post on our blog all about you & your business that is shared on the Girlboss Facebook page & all over social media.  Features will rotate throughout the year so there are multiple chances for exposure. 

Also included, a listing of member events on the Girlboss Calendar so all businesses can stay active and connected.  Members will have the first opportunity to reserve vendor table slots for shows put on by any of the other members.  Boss members also get a fun biz card badge to wear and are able to set up extra time to spotlight their business during meetings.

Paid members will be able to attend our quarterly special events throughout the year at no extra cost.  Special events consist of food, drinks, desserts, giveaways, special guests, & networking.  

We have just expanded & started Girlboss:  Chapter 2!  Paying members are able to choose which Chapter they would like to belong to.

Members will receive a receipt for their membership for tax deduction purposes.

Please note:  We do have multiple people in the same field in the group because we all can learn from one another & people have different expertise.  We don’t want a field to get saturated though & will only accept 2-3 paid memberships in each one, depending on similarities.  If we are no longer accepting paid members in your field, we would be happy to add you to our wait list.  This goes for nonprofits as well, unless they are completely different from the rest.  You are still welcome to join us as a non-paying member.

I suggest coming to a few meetings to make sure we are a good fit before moving forward into paid membership.  Membership Fees can be found below.

We now have Girlboss:  Chapter 2!  Check out this post for details!

What are the membership fees?                                                                                                                             Annual Fee:  $120 
Please contact us for an application.

ALL information is confidential & will only be used for Girlboss:  Women Entrepreneurs.
*After application is received & processed, we will contact you about payment.*

What does it mean to be a non-paying member?

Your business information & events will not be featured or listed on our website or shared on social media.  You will have to pay full price for quarterly special events.  Tickets are typically $20-$25, depending on the event.  You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings where you will only pay for what you consume.  Although we have introductions, you or your business will not be spotlighted during any of the meetings.  We will never harass you to become a paid member.  You are free to continue a non-paying membership as long as you wish. 

How often are meetings?

Girlboss: Chapter 1 meets the 2nd Monday of every month & Chapter 2 meets the 4th Tuesday to discuss specific topics.  There is always time towards the end for mingling.  ALL members (paid & non) only pay for what they eat & drink.  You do not have to be a paid member to attend our meetings.  

We will be having guest speakers crash our meetings every now & again.  If you are interested in being a guest speaker, please contact us.  Please note that this is not an opportunity to advertise your business or try to sell, but to share valuable knowledge. 

Why should I join?

Girlboss is focused on building lasting relationships, business & personal.  You will never be pressured to give referrals or buy someone’s products/services.  In fact, it is not allowed to product push or ask for referrals.  We believe that in order to create a successful business from the ground up, one needs an affiliation with support & shared resources.  We are all on different paths at different times.  We share our knowledge, experiences, successes, & failures.  Girlbosses do not have the, “What’s in it for me?” attitude, but rather “How can we help each other?” mindset.

We find that when people are given the chance to learn & strengthen relationships, that business growth comes naturally.